I am very sorry, because there have been many things in my life in the past year. OSLite was not updated for the entire year. A new version is coming. very fast! Full of surprises.

Je suis vraiment désolé, car il y a eu beaucoup de choses dans ma vie au cours de la dernière année. OSLite n’a pas été mis à jour pour toute l’année. Une nouvelle version est à venir. Très vite! Plein de surprises.


1. Introduction

Thanks for your interest in OSLite. OSLite is a free,lightweight,developing program for OpenSees visualization. I am very happy to have the opportunity to distribute this software for OSLite users. I encourage everyone to try out all of the functions of the program and send me criticism, corrections or suggestions to improve future versions. I also encourage users to e-mail me at either jacques.chen@qq.com or whchen@outlook.com.
In lastest version,OSLite can visualization a lot of element,there is the list: tri31 / enhancedQuad / VS3D4 / ShellNL / bbarBrickUP / ASI3D8quad / bbarQuadUP / AV3D4 / 9_4_QuadUP / SSPbrickUP Brick20N / ShellMITC4 / quadUP / SimpleContact3D / stdBrick / Brick8N / 20_8_BrickUP / ShellDKGQ / SSPquad / BeamContact2D bbarBrick / bbarBrickUP / Joint2D / ShellNLDKGQ / SSPbrick / BeamContact3D / SSPbrick / SSPbrickUP / bbarQuad / SurfaceLoad BeamEndContact3D / brickUP / AC3D8
OSLite has a lot of features that help you writing and testing your model easily. Some of them located in Toolbar, some in Context Menu

2. Download

OSLite_V0.351.zip (下载4188)

3. OSLite File Menu

Command Description
New Model… Create a new .tcl file with templete

Open… Open an existing .tcl file.
Save This command saves currently .tcl file in OSLite.
Save As… This command saves currently .tcl file as specified path.
Import from AutoCAD .dxf file This command imports the structure that already modeled in .dxf file.(This commmand is developing,its already can imports lines and 4 points elements)

Exit This command exits application.

4. OSLite Edit Menu

As you see,there are some commands that very familiar to Windows user(e.g. Undo,Redo,Cut,copy …).

Command Description
Undo Undo last changes, if available.
Redo Redo last changes, if available.
Cut Cuts selected range of text to clipboard.
Copy Copies selected range of text to clipboard.
Paste Pastes text from clipboard to the editor at the caret position.
Delete Delete selected range of text.
Comment Seletion Comments selected range of code in the editor, if no text is selected, it comments the line that the caret is located at. Typically, puts a # sign at the beginning of each lines.
Un-Comment Seletion un-comments selected range of code in the editor, if no text is selected, it un-comments the line that the caret is located at. Typically, remove the # sign from the beginning of each line.

5. OSLite Options Menu

Command Description
Change OpenSees.exe Path This command defines the OpenSees.exe path for OSLite. OSLite does not be able to run tcl files if OpenSees.exe path is not recognized well.
Auto Complete This command turn auto complete on/off.
Colors and fonts This command defines the colors and fonts

6. OSLite ToolBar

This command is same as other menus.

7.OSLite Model View Panel

This feature is used for model visualization.

8.OSLite Output Consoles

This panel can catch output of DOS command prompt window.

9. Gallery

9.1 OSLite Import from .dxf file

9.2 Run OpenSees script in OSLite

9.3 Code Complete

9.4 Change Colors and fonts

9.5 View line element

9.6 View Shell Element(1)

9.7 View Shell Element(2)

9.8 View Brick Element(1)

9.9 View Brick Element(2)

10. Donate

Donate Link


133 条评论。

  1. 您好,请问用dxf格式文件导入的时候,dxf源文件中是三维模型吗,还是普通的二维模型就可以

    • 不好意思,最近工作比较忙,没有及时看到你的留言。可以是三维也可以是二维的。你可以尝试用sap2000导出模型为dxf再用OSLite导入。这个功能本身意义不是很大,就是减少了算坐标的工作量。

  2. 你好 陈老师 这个做完时程分析可以看位移变形情况吗?

  3. 下载完成后为什么bin里没有oslite应用程序。。多次下载后就算有也打不开

  4. 陈老师,您好,为什么我下载之后打开,电脑提示:Windows无法访问此,设备,路径或文件,你可能没有适当的权限访问该项目。没有OS在后台跑,之前明明用的好好的,这几天突然就没权限了。。。

  5. 你好,代入得模型没有显示出来是不是代表模型有问题。

  6. Matias Garrido G.

    Hi everyone.
    When I calculate the eigen-values, my model dont run with the “-fullGenLapack” option. Its possible change the solver?
    I try modify the file “MainFileTmp.tcl” but when I run the OSlite this file automatically modify.

  7. Matias Garrido G.

    Thank you very much! You helped me with my pre-grade work with OSlite!!.

  8. 陈老师,您好!很感谢您能回复我,是我的我自己的OPenSees模型,该模型是多梁模型,我试验了一下,单梁模型没有问题,但是一运行多梁模型就会出现该问题。我的模型是一座斜交梁桥。

  9. 你好,陈老师,请问为什么我的OpenSees模型导进去,可以计算周期等,但是一点显示模态振型,软件就卡住然后闪退呢?

  10. 首先非常感谢陈老师研发这个软件!请问陈老师,为什么我的模型打开后什么也不显示呢?

  11. 想請教一下 該如何看OPENSEES裡面的程式碼

  12. 这个可以看应力云图吗,我只找到位移云图

  13. 陈老师您好

  14. Dear Chen
    Congratulations on your excellent work
    I cant install this software. it’s show this eror “oslite .exe has stopped working” !!!!
    my windows is 7.0 64 bit. please help me.

  15. como instalo OSlite??

  16. Hi Dear Chen
    I know you are busy but i wanted to know , Did you add modification on Farsi language in OSLite?

  17. 陈老师:
    您好 请问在real time monitor deform 分析的时候未响应,程序关闭怎么解决?

  18. Hi Dear Chen
    Sorry for asking again
    Could you modify (persian) farsi language for software ?

  19. 不太清楚这个软件怎么用?

  20. Here’s my solution to the problem (0xc000007b): just reinstall the ActiveTcl from OpneSEES official site.

  21. Dear Chen
    Sorry for asking again
    Could you add (persian) farsi language to software ?

  22. 陈老师 ,您好。我正在学习opensees,我想使用您开发的这个软件。您能发一份给我吗?十分感谢

  23. 本人也在做相关工作,求解,如何调用opensees在后台计算,并同步监听是否计算完成

  24. Hi Dear Cheng
    Many thanks for your excellent work
    I want to translate the app to persian for persian audiences
    Is there any way to help me?
    I saw a tutorial which translate other applications with exeScope app but i could not because of an error
    Best Regards

  25. Dear Chen,
    Thank you for this wonderful software.
    By the is there any way to change the units? I do it with different lib.tcl file with MKS units but I see not option to update it in the software.

  26. 如果能同时提供Mac和Linux版本就好了

    • 工作太忙了,新版本也一直都没更新!

      • 对你来说,应该很简单。如果程序对系统没有太强的依赖性,换成gcc编译下,应该就可以了。

        • 其实一开始我就考虑过跨平台的问题,所以界面用了wxwidgets,图形库用VTK,都是开源跨平台的,代码也能在mingw32下编译。不过作为设计院绘图狗,真的没有太多时间用来写代码。前阵子因为签证问题,我失去了继续读研究生的机会,这段时间我真的没有心情搞这个。

  27. 请问出现“程序无法正常启动(0XC000007b)”是什么问题

  28. 想问一下哪个版本支持win10-64位?

  29. Hi Dear Chen
    would you explain me what’s the function of Port and Host in Analysis Option?
    Best regards

    • This function is used to view the displacement in real time
      See the change in displacement before the end of the analysis is localhost
      My visa to go to France was rejected
      This is very bad for me

  30. Hi, I want to know can the section shape visualized by your program?
    thanks in advance

  31. hi mr. Chen,
    is there available for 64bit versions? since published version are not working properly in W10 64bit.
    bugs list:
    – program crash on display deformed result
    – font color set for model are not working, become invisible when using white background
    wish list:
    + element force, plastic rotation diagram for fiber beam element
    + contour legend for shell element stress as displayed in Exam25.tcl above
    + contour legend for solid element stress
    are you have plan to make OSlite opensource?

  32. Hi Dear Chen
    I modeled soil with QuadUp element.
    i want to see my results such as pore pressure,stress and strain through all my model
    But “Show force stress” icon is off (unavailable) in software.
    is there any solution for this problem?
    Best regards

  33. hi,
    am getting this after running the analysis in Oslite
    “FullGenEigenSolver::solve() – the eigenvalue 1 is numerically undetermined or infinite”
    How to solve this? After appearing this in output window it says Opensees.exe stopped working.
    But my code is running properly in Opensees.exe command prompt.

  34. Sarhan hosseinzadeh Asl

    Hi Dear Cheng
    This program is very excellent.
    Thank you.

  35. Sarhan hosseinzadeh Asl

    Hi Dear Cheng
    This program is excellent.
    Thank you.

  36. Dear Chen
    many thanks for your excellent software
    but i cant install it.my windows is 8.1 64-bit but when i want to run Oslite i catch this message “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b).Click ok to close the application”

  37. Dear Chen
    many thanks for your excellent software
    but i cant install it.my windows is 8.1 64-bit but when i want to run Oslite i catch this message “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b).Click ok to close the application”

  38. Dear Chen,
    I’ve just discovered your software, it is a great tool. I am having problems running models as I receive a message saying “can not find channel named stoud”. Do you know what does it mean? (I’m using Windows 10 64bits and version 351 of OSLite)
    Thanks in advance

  39. Hello, How to install in windows 10 ?
    Do you send me a instructions for install this program? please

  40. 来支持下!!!做的很棒

  41. Hi
    I am using OSLite for modelling RC frames in OpenSees. I am getting error during running while using ‘remove’ command (without using remove command, OSLite runs without any error). I ran the script directly in OpenSees without any error. Please Help.
    Nithin VL.

  42. Hi,
    I can not run OSLiite, I have the error “OSLite stop working”. I have installed Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 X86 and all the libraries similar to api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0.dll and I am still having the same error.
    How Can I fix these erros?
    Also, I would like to know if it is possible to add a new element and material to the program in order to have a graphic representation of the element (my element is a 12 node -6 subelements)
    my email is gonzalotorrisi@gmail.com.
    Thank you very much.

  43. Hi,
    How to install OSLite?

  44. Dear Cheng,
    Thank for your awesome work and a great contribution to our civil engineering society.
    The program is working fine.

  45. 最新版不能打开tcl文件了

  46. Karim Shamseldin

    How to solve this ERROR: “the program cant start because api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer”

    • you can google the error message or download “Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015” please select X86. Or you can give me your email,I can send it to you

  47. 为什么我下载不下来?

  48. Amir Abbaszadeh

    This program is excellent.
    Best regurd.
    Good luck.

  49. No plan for the linux version in the near future

  50. Hi
    I download OSlite v0.199 but i cant install this tools.
    ERROR: “the program cant start beacuse api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer”
    please help me for solve this problem.

  51. Hi
    I download OSlite v0.19 but i cant install this tools. do I install a specific software for open this tools like MATLLAB?
    please help me for solve this problem.

  52. hi I cannot install oslite , it’s show this eror “oslite .exe has stopped working” !!!!
    is it only run in windows 64 bit ???? or not

  53. 终于有人搞这个前处理的工作了,厉害!希望能不断改进!


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