SGU 133 解题报告

133. Border

time limit per test: 0.50 sec.
memory limit per test: 4096 KB

Along the border between states A and B there are N defence outposts. For every outpost k, the interval [Ak,Bk] which is guarded by it is known. Because of financial reasons, the president of country A decided that some of the outposts should be abandoned.In fact, all the redundant outposts will be abandoned. An outpost i is redundant if there exists some outpost j such that Aj < Ai and Bi < Bj. Your task is to find the number of redundant outposts.

在 A 和 B 的边界出有 N 个前哨站.对于每一个前哨站 k,他的管辖范围 [Ak,Bk] 是已知的.由于经济原因,A 国总统决定减少一些前哨站.多余的前哨站都会被抛弃.我们定义 i 号前哨站是多余的如果存在另一个前哨战 j 满足 Aj < Ai 且 Bi < Bj.你的任务是计算多余的前哨站个数.


The first line of the input will contain the integer number N (1 <=N <= 16 000). N lines will follow, each of them containing 2 integers:Ak and Bk (0 <= Ak < Bk <= 2 000 000 000), separated by blanks. All the numbers Ak will be different. All the numbers Bk will be different.

第一行是整数N (1 <=N <= 16 000).接下来N行每行包含2个整数: Ak 和 Bk (0 <= Ak < Bk <= 2 000 000 000),空格隔开.所有的 Ak 都是不同的,所有的 Bk 也是不同的.


You should print the number of redundant outposts.


Sample Input

0 10
2 9
3 8
1 15
6 11

Sample Output



using namespace std;
struct node
  int a,b;
bool cmp(node x,node y)
  return x.a

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